With Spanish in 100 Days course we will teach you how to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish in only 100 days, by completing one unit of our Spanish course every two days. This is a practical, modern and mobile method that enables you to learn on-the-go and get results!

Organized into concise and easy-to-understand sections you will learn the most common expressions used, easy grammar with step-by-step examples, and the most used vocabulary for both Spain and Latin America via fun dialogues. See below for a full description of the table of contents and the first two units as a book sample.


You can learn anytime and anywhere! In the book, you can read all the learning materials, and you can enhance your learning by using the companion app, which includes a video for each of the units in the book. Those videos will allow you to have an engaging and entertaining multimedia tool at your disposal, and will let you:


  • watch and listen to the dialogues,
  • practice with the dialogues via the play roles,
  • learn about interesting cultural facts,
  • learn words and expressions.

By following this methodology of using the book and the app together you will maximize the development of your reading, listening and speaking skills, so you can learn Spanish as fast as possible and use it in no time!